Behavior Therapy and Psychology


Therapy begins with an intake session where the patient fills out paperwork.  An insurance card and co-pay will be required at the start of the appointment. The patient and Dr. Sweeten then talk about the issues that lead the patient to therapy, the history of the patient and goals for the future.  In therapy, the relationship between the therapist and the patient is crucial. During this initial meeting, both the patient and Dr. Sweeten can decide if they are comfortable working together.  If Dr. Sweeten feels that the issues are not within her scope of training and experience, she will discuss that with the patient and may refer to other sources.  It's important that the patient is honest and asks any questions that will help him or her make the best decision in choosing a therapist.

Following the initial appointment, weekly sessions involve conversation about the presenting issues, practicing of techniques and possible "homework" assignments that will give the patient the opportunity to practice with the new information.

Dr. Sweeten can test children and adolescents and is trained in the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule).  Patients will sometimes make an appointment to specifically have testing completed and a diagnosis made. On other occasions, Dr. Sweeten will recommend testing so that she can better understand what factors are contributing to a presenting issue.  Authorization by the insurance company will be needed before testing can be scheduled.